About us

Initial laboratory work on the technology used in Smart Optimizer Home was initiated in 2016 in Feigin’s Electric labs in Singapore. Recently, based on technology, which was initially destined for industrial use, there were created first prototypes of smaller versions of devices aimed at home use. The idea was to provide optimized energy to every-day home appliances such as freezers, ACs, Washing machines, light bulbs, and many more. Optimized electrical energy means it is adjusted to what the devices demand in reality as opposed to what the power plants and energy grids send. Moreover, it also ensures higher safety and optimized the internal energy grid.

We are here to help the world

We deeply care about the environment and that is why we decided to create a product that will make every day saving and reducing emissions possible for individuals. We want to lay a foundation for a community of people who want to contribute to a transition to renewable energy sources.

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