Smart Optimizer Home

Smart Optimizer Home is a new product being designed for individual customers. It is a successor of the Smart Optimizer ECOD, a device using the same technology but aimed for industrial use. It lowers your monthly electricity bill by saving energy and at the same time allows you to contribute to society by reducing you CO2 emissions

Optimized electrical energy means it is adjusted to what the devices demand in reality as opposed to what the power plants and energy grids send. Moreover, it also ensures higher safety and optimized the internal energy grid.

The public utility grid supplies unoptimized voltage to your home electrical network. Smart Optimizer Home is installed next to the distribution box. Just like a tap regulates the flow of water, Smart Optimizer Home optimizes voltage and current to the optimal for your home appliances. Optimized energy supplies your electrical devices, reduces electricity consumption, and bills also increases the lifespan of the home electrical equipment.

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With lots of fancy stuff put in Smart Optimizer, you can easily take care of your home power bill and even more.


Controls the voltage to your loads and keeps current within the optimum range for best efficiency.


Reduce and optimize power. Overall improves the quality of electrical power supply.


Prolongs the lifespan of your devices significantly.

With an average of around 8% energy consumption reduction, our Smart Optimizer Home devices provide unrivaled advantages such as:

  • ✔️ Average of 8% electricity bill savings
  • ✔️ Simplified installation
  • ✔️ Completely self-sufficient
  • ✔️ Small dimensions
  • ✔️ Remote monitoring option
  • ✔️ Quick return on investment
  • ✔️ Over-voltage protection
  • ✔️ Unlimited lifespan

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